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Hire a student

International Exchange Center (IEC) is a non-profit organization established in 1989. Our main aim is to promote a better understanding between young people of different countries and nationalities by bringing them together and exposing them to foreign cultures through various types of exchange programmes.

In co-operation with InterExchange Inc, we run several exchange programmes in Belarus. One of these programmes is “Work and Travel USA”. The programme allows foreign students to travel to the USA and legally work there for up to 3 months during their summer holidays.

IEC helps US employers meet their seasonal staffing needs by matching employers seeking short-term, entry-level seasonal staff with international university students seeking work under the J-1 Visa programme.

Every year we send thousands of full-time students to work in America on various seasonal positions, mostly in tourist resort areas. They usually start in the end of June and finish their work after Labor Day, depending on the needs of the employer. We conduct personal interviews with all students. Students attend an orientation session in their home country, where they are given information on realistic living and working conditions in the US. International students are usually able to work up to 3 months — longer than U.S. students. More and more US employers decide to hire our students.

Usually over 9000 of our students work in the USA every summer. We can to refer you to the US employers who have been hiring our students for many years, so that you got first-hand information about the benefits students bring to the employer: they are motivated, open-minded, hard-working, ready to work at the weekend and on night shifts, etc.

According to the programme rules, all students must have jobs arranged before they arrive in America. So, besides selecting students in compliance with the programme regulations (a certain level of knowledge of English, age 18-28, etc) we also do provide students with jobs.

If you are looking for good staff — you will find it here. Our students are all interviewed by us so we can be sure that their level of English is somewhere between colloquial to fluent. We would be happy to send you their resumes. Please note that we can find you employees you need and IT IS FREE. We do not charge you anything. Moreover you can be sure the students we send to work for you on the programme will show up and they will speak good English (we check the level of English carefully) and have enough qualifications.

Please fill in the form below to hire some of our students for the upcoming summer. And we will contact you within 24 hours to negotiate possible cooperation and send you the students’ resumes we have.

Fill this form to hire a student.

Допустимый формат: mail@site.ru

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